A New Shape

Following on from the return of the CoT blog it’s now time to talk about what is happening exactly. Today we’ll talk about the form of Green Skies Above and updates to CoT. Let’s begin!


What’s in a name?

Enough for us to care, that’s for sure! The history of this blog has seen the use of a basic, yet entirely functional name, going simply by Blog of Thedas. Whilst we are big fans of simplicity, we also believe in strong identities and the ability to clearly define one thing from the other. As such we have our name: Green Skies Above.

As for the meaning behind the name, well, it’s fair to say we are big fans of Inquisition and all that it brought to Dragon Age as a whole.

The Face of Chronicles of Thedas

Green Skies Above is now the first page of Chronicles of Thedas, the “front” of the project if you will. Whilst we keep it at blog.chroniclesofthedas.com, it is now also where you go when selecting the project as a whole, barring our RPG: Revolutions.

This is a reflection of our renewed focus; there are still plans in motion to expand the project but for the foreseeable future we will presenting all (non-RPG) public output on the blog. If you open the menu to the left(←) by selecting the tab you will find a visual outline of everything.


Our off-site activity has been updated and expanded, starting with Skype. The Revolutions-based group chat is now called Revolutionary Musings and can be found here:


We have introduced a new group chat for support; this is called Chronicles of Thedas and can be found here:


Secondly, we are now on Steam! A CoT group has been formed with the name Gamers of Thedas and you can find us here:



… and that’s how CoT is shaping up for the foreseeable future. We’ll have more info about how all of these updates are doing as the year progresses, and soon we will talk about exactly what you’re going to see on here as well as actually putting it all out there!

It’s fair to say that we’re looking forward to 2017 for CoT, and the Dragon Age fandom as a whole. See you again soon!


And We’re Back

Welcome to Green Skies Above

The Chronicles of Thedas blog is back!

An unplanned hiatus has kept us from continuing to talk about the variety of subjects that inevitably arise as a result of producing a fan project for as passionate a community as that which has arisen around Dragon Age… and we can’t wait to get going again.

There will be more from us soon, in the meantime you can keep track via the two following methods: